Is America Really on the Verge of an Actual Political Coup?

2020 Election Loser President Donald Trump’s unwillingness to leave office is either a political coup or the biggest (oh so big, the bigliest) dummy spit in history…or both.

It’s par for the course at the moment for political media pundits to observe of America that an attempted political coup is underway.

Why would you not?

What’s happening in the wake of the 2020 US presidential election has all the hallmarks of a run-of-the-mill coup, right?

But…the reality is, there is — and will be — no coup.

Sure, it hot, sexy, “like/thumbs-up emoji language to throw around to keep the public glued to TV or their smart device screens as media organisations do all in their power for fear of a massive drop-off in viewers or readership now the election is over.

And sure, some of LOSING incumbent President Donald Trump’s besties include the likes of Vlad P, Kim J, Bolso and several other dictatorly types around the globe, so why wouldn’t he follow in their “fearless leader” footsteps? This, of course, means he was never going to go quietly — or not so quietly, because the truth is that for all his bombastic narcissism, he knew in 2016 he was going to be a one-term president, so he set up the idea of the 2020 election being stolen from him.

And yes, in the final 70 or so days left for him to throw as many toys out of his cot as possible, he is sacking staff and putting in his own people, even as Trump loyalists (and a whole pack of brown-nosers in the guise of GOP lawmakers) cluster around him.

But just as with the Titanic, the Trump ship has hit the Biden-berg and is going down with all aboard.

Luckily, it’s not rats that are fleeing the sinking ship but good, honest people who can’t stomach more of the lies and misinformation spouted (tweeted) by this LOSING President Trump.

And now even some of the rats — including (don’t fall off your chair) Senator Lindsey Graham — are even kinda jumping ship, clinging to the side of the Biden-berg as they gently push back on LOSING President Trump’s refusal to allow President-elect Biden security briefings and access to standard transition protocols.

All this aside, the actual reason there is no coup is because the supposed Trumpism that has taken over the GOP (in another coup of sorts) is a load of old TOSH.

Yes — T.O.S.H.


Because the GOP has been going to hell in a handbasket since it elevated Sarah Palin into the VEEP position back in 2008 , followed by its ugly — but admittedly fruitful — affair with the now-defunct Tea Party, to which it sold its proverbial ass.

All that LOSER Trump represents for the once Grand Old Party is the final nail in the coffin for the dregs of what is left of it (which ain’t much).

He is the end game.

The last hurrah.

But what comes next?

Can the Trump Phoenix rise from the GOP ashes?

Now that we have the silly “coup” talk out of the way, how about the media chatter about LOSER Trump being a long shadow over the GOP for years to come.

Logically, I can understand why political pundits are arguing this.

Trump got more votes than any incumbent president, even though he LOST to Biden by what could end up being about five million votes, which is also a record…but for the WINNER Biden, not the LOSER Trump.

And while Trump will likely LOSE the electoral college, there was no rout of the Senate, which doesn’t appear likely to flip and might be hung at best, and he won back some House seat for the GOP, so had some positive effect down the ballot.

So this is where I admit once and one only that in this regard, Trump was (ouch it’s hard to type this) A WINNER.

You could also construe from the way too many GOP types are hovering around Trump and feeding all his lies around fraud that they are tying themselves to the Trump wagon because they sense it might help them in 2024.

Wrong, so very BIGLY wrong.

The BIGLIEST wrong even.


Here’s my prediction.

A large chunk of those Trump-loving voters will peel away from the GOP when Trump starts up his own media company (oh the LOLZ that will bring) or moves to Bermuda to escape prosecution (bring it on NY prosecutors) or decides to run for president of Russia (does Vlad really have Parkinson’s as the rumours suggest? hmmm…)

And even if the GOP is cray enough to elevate one of the gormless Trump kiddies (make it Eric please for even more LOLZ) to be their 2024 nominee, the fire and fury of Trumpism will have long died out and it will be the road to another four (or more) years in the political wilderness for the GOP.

There is no phoenix for them.

There will be no rise from the ashes.

There will only be a long time in the political wastelands until they purge the ugliness of the past 12 years from their party and find their heart again.

Yes, label me as too optimistic.

Yes, it could all go pear-shaped and the partisan divide in the USA could actually break the nation in half as some predict, leading to the end of the once-great world leader and empire.

(PS that’s already happening either way — hello China.)

And yes, I could be wrong because four years is long enough for all kinds of things to happen and so to make any kind of prediction is plain dumb.

But…I will bookmark these thoughts and come back in about three years or so as the US is preparing to go into the next election cycle and either smile at how right I was…

Or smile at how wrong I was.

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