COVID-19: I Gave You 4 Things to Do. Just FOUR Things.

As everyone moans and groans about a restricted life under COVID-19, doing your part to help tackle the pandemic is easier than you think #JustDoIt

No one is gonna deny 2020 is a bust.

A complete and utter clusterfuck of a year thanks to an alien invader in our immune systems.


Ok, now we’ve got that out of the way, let’s move on and let the anger go and do our bit to beat this mofo of a pandemic.

The WHO and our politicians and governments and all the machinery around them are doing their best to manage this unprecedented situation.

Some better than others…here’s not looking at the men-to-boyz club of Trump, Bolsonaro and co, and nodding at the smart women who got it right, like Ardern, Merkel, Marin and co.

But the real question is, how are WE handling it?

How is every person doing our bit of heavy lifting to help us ALL get through the shitstorm that has become our lives?

My estimate from pure observation of those in my locale, listening to friends and associates talk about their lives and viewing Instagram (don’t get me started on the gram)?

About 70–80% of folk are mostly doing the right thing. Go you good things.

The next 15–20% are at about half-mast. Lift your game peeps — a little more effort and we will knock this dirty pandemic out of the ballpark.

Another 5% or so are being right pricks about it because they just don’t wanna play ball — read my piece on exceptionalism for more on this. Sigh.

And about 0.05% are denialists and conspiracy theorists with their tinfoil-hatted heads up their own backsides who also think Elvis is still alive, the Illuminati walk amongst us and that Trump is the messiah instead of a very naughty boy. Not even joking.

(Call these people out if you can but otherwise stay clear of them.)

Of those four groups, the last is not going to be convinced by anything to change their ways, and the second last might only change their views on their deathbeds, like the truly sad story of the 30-year-old Texan who went to a COVID-19 hoax party, caught the virus and died.

That’s a shit way of learning a lesson and too late to put it into practice. Don’t let it be you.

It’s shifting the 15–20% group that is going to have a marked impact on minimising the spread of COVID-19.

The good news?


Most of this group are kinda sorta doing some bit towards the common goal…now all they need to do is a little more and they will slip into the 70–80%.

So, the four things?


And in pictures, even better.

1. Observing Social/Physical Distancing

2. Practice Good Hygiene

3. Wear a Mask if You are in a Situation Where You Can’t Social/Physical Distance

4. Get Tested if you Exhibit Symptoms and Self Isolate Until you Know Your Results

That’s it. It’s ideal, I know, and not gonna cure COVID-19, but none of this ist that big an ask either.

And if we do it, there will be less spread, the less need for lockdowns and a little more like a COVID-normal life happening around us.

It means businesses won’t be able to operate at full capacity but they will be able to open in a COVID-adapted way.

It means there will be more jobs and more money flowing through the economy.

But most importantly, it means there will be fewer chances for this virus to make people sick.

And make people die.

So, because we all want life to move beyond COVID-19…or, rather, manage a life where COVID-19 is out there and a vaccine might be ages away, by doing some fairly simple stuff we can all be a part of the solution, not the problem,



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