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Everyone is talking so much about COVID-19 fatigue as it relates to how the pandemic has changed our world for now, and maybe forever, but particularly in areas where lockdowns have made living a normal life impossible.

However, anyone working from home right now is probably also suffering from something far worse — what our French friends might call #FatigueLeZoom.

Now, we are definitely NOT putting Zoom down. …

The Social Has Gone from Social Media, and So Have I

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I’d warrant many have heard about the Netflix doco The Social Dilemma.

If not, here is the trailer.

Take a look.

A few friends had recommend it to me and I had added it to my watch-list, but it wasn’t really pushing its way into my current must watches, which included Hannibal (yes I’m wayyyy behind there but loving it), My Octopus Teacher, Umbrella Academy Season 2 and Ratched (Hitchcock lovers — this is a must-watch!), amongst others.

And then on the night before I had a dinner planned with a close mate, he texted me asking if I’d watched The Social Dilemma yet because he really wanted to discuss it, so it barged its way up my watchlist to my “watch now” list. …

Who would you lie to to keep the peace when it comes to sporting rivalries?

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Home of Australian Rules Football — the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) by Sascha Wenningerlicense

It’s been a difficult year for Australian Rules footy fans, but particularly for those in the heartland of footy, and rolling lockdowns, Victoria.

For non-Aussies reading this, watch this hilarious old-school film about footy!

COVID-19, and the difficulty of prolonged lockdowns, have meant the absence of the ability to worship our game in the flesh, except for the lucky South Australians, Western Australians and most-lucky-of-all Queenslanders who have had a literal festival of footy, the likes of which they will never see again, and culminating in an historic first-ever Grand Final away from the ‘G and at night time.

Despite this footy hardship so many have faced, I remain incredibly invested in the game, maybe even more. …


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