Space has always figured big in my life, in more ways than one, but as I grow older, it has come to define who I am

The concept of ‘space’ lies at the core of who I am.

As an only child, albeit part of a dispersed, blended family, my childhood was filled with space.

A space many others will relate to that comes with the often absence of blissfully remarried parents enjoying a newfound relationship…

Reentry to an industry after stepping away can be a revelation: the start of an exciting new phase in your life

My professional life hasn’t followed a standard trajectory.

I did a Bachelor of Arts and Commerce with the idea of getting into the diplomatic corps…but got sidetracked into my creative passion — acting — so auditioned for Drama School…got in…and thought I might go down that path.

I did this…

When a friendship unravels and hits or passes its “best-by” date, what do you do?

Friendships are the ties that bind.

We make them throughout nearly every stage of our lives, from the moment we share our sand bucket with another toddler in the sandpit to way down the track when we meet our new lawn bowls partner as septuagenarians in the retirement village.


Government and media reactions to reports of blood clots linked to the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccination are incredible. And stupid.

I am no doctor.

Nor am I an epidemiologist or hematologist.

In fact, I have no medical training or background whatsoever — the bits of my brain that understand science are on holiday for the most.

Because of this, I rely on those brainboxes who do take Medicine and end…

Let’s all just calm down about the Facebook situation in Australia. It’s a storm on a social media platform. And an opportunity for change.

Thursday February 18th was a historical and disturbing day in Australia.

Not because social media bully Facebook blocked Australian media (and, inadvertently, a whole lot of other non-media organisations) posts from appearing in feeds.

Rather, because of the hysterical reaction it prompted amongst politicians, journalists and commentators.

For those not…

Some movies stand the test of time. American Beauty is undoubtedly one of them

With so much new content to watch across the seventy bajillion streaming platforms, I’ve been making a concerted effort to spend a night each weekend watching classic films.

Last week, it was director Sam Mendes American Beauty.

My attention span is crappola nowadays, like seriously terrible, which isn’t great for…

Conspiracy theorists are running rampant — but whatyagonnado?

While it’s a cliche to go the “we live in interesting times” path, it’s also the truth, right?

Can anyone remember a period where the world and our lives have felt so out of whack?

And no, I’m not pinning this all on COVID-19. Sure, it has sent life-shattering tsunamis…

Impeaching outgoing US President Donald Trump plays into his hands. Don’t do it Dems.

I’m no legal expert, nor am I a psychologist.

But I am a writer and by virtue of that, a student of the human condition — an obsessive observer who mentally hoovers up the goings-on of our world so these can be synthesised and repackaged into some semblance of information…

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